Fairway and AWI Honor Two Boise, Idaho Veterans

October 31, 2018 12:02 pm

A Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation branch in Boise, Idaho partnered with the American Warrior Initiative (AWI) to honor two local U.S. veterans with service dogs. Along with a donation, a residential housing “boot camp” was held to train real estate professionals and mortgage planners on how to excellently handle the home purchase needs of active duty military members and veterans.

The honorees at this event were Dennis Marguet and Jacob Faulkner.

Marguet served in the U.S. Marines from 1965 to 1971. After spending a year in Vietnam, Marguet was honorably discharged from the Marines and diagnosed with PTSD, depression and radiation exposure. As a result of the radiation exposure, Marguet eventually required back and hip surgeries that have since hindered his mobility.

Faulkner joined the U.S. Navy in 2003 and served as a master-at-arms. Deployed to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Faulkner was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after being knocked unconscious and suffering a concussion when a combat operations vehicle next to him was struck by an explosive device.

Despite the TBI, Faulkner served in the U.S. Navy for five years before he was honorably discharged. At the completion of his service, Faulkner was diagnosed with PTSD.

Through generous donations, Fairway and AWI partnered with Next Step Service Dogs to present both of these deserving veterans a service dog that will improve their quality of life.

Branch manager Bryan Booth was thrilled to team with AWI to make such a positive contribution to these veterans’ lives. He said,

“AWI events are amazing events that are well-attended and supported by our Boise-area real estate community! This is our fourth event in four years, and I’m amazed by the turnout and the response we receive from the participants. The AWI team never fails to exceed the audience’s expectations.”

Co-founded by Louise Thaxton and Sean Parnell, the American Warrior Initiative is a non-profit organization sponsored by Fairway Independent Mortgage. AWI seeks to ease U.S. veterans’ transition from military to civilian life.

I am proud to work for a company that does so much to honor those who sacrifice for our country. If I can help answer any questions about VA loans or any other home loan options, please give me a call.